Rapid Summit Adventures  

Come run with Dr. Ferenc Stefani and enjoy the beautiful mountain summits that Vancouver Island has to offer.

If you have a capacity for running at least 8 km distances and want to explore some unique terrains, then contact me to get started!

  • Trail Running at it’s finest
  • Beautiful Scenery and plenty of photo opportunities
  • We work at your pace to traverse safely and injury free
  • Refreshments available

All our adventures take into account your fitness level and provide you with the technical information to optimize your experience.

Our rapid summit adventures offers you 4 personalized tour opportunities ranging from 2 hours to a full day. We provide you with the following

  1. Refreshments available
  2. Photo Opportunities
  3. Pick up and drop off
  4. Emergency Medical if required

As an ultra-marathon trail runner, an Ironman triathlete, a Team Canada Triathlon World Championship athlete and team doctor, a certified Pose Running Instructor and a sports-injuries clinician, Ferenc is passionate about empowering others to reach optimal physical performance in strength, speed and endurance.  Specializing in running-injury recovery and running-form analysis, his expertise broadens out to climbing, paddling and adventuring of all kinds.  Vancouver Island BC is his playground and he’s happiest sharing its epic beauty.

4 Adventures to Choose From

Ammonite Falls Guided Tour

4 Km Run / Hike (Aprox time 2 Hours)

$45 per person (2)

$25 for extra person

Mount Benson Guided Tour

7 Km Run / Hike (Aprox time 4 Hours)

$90 per person (2)

$50 for extra person

Mount Arrowsmith Guided Tour

10 Km Run / Hike – Full Day

$120 per person (2)

$70 extra person

Mount Albert/Edward Guided Tour

34 Km Run / Hike – Full Day

$150 per person (2)

$80 extra person

For custom trails and larger group rates – please contact me