Rapid Summit Adventures

Rapid Summit Adventures  

Come run with Dr. Ferenc Stefani and enjoy the beautiful mountain summits that Vancouver Island has to offer.

If you have a capacity for running at least 10 km distances and want to explore some unique terrains, then contact me to get started!

  • Trail Running at it’s finest
  • Beautiful Scenery and plenty of photo opportunities
  • We work at your pace to traverse safely and injury free
  • Refreshments available

The way I guide with you is to truly understand your level of fitness and provide you with running and hiking techniques that will assist you in injury free running

Our rapid summit adventures offers you 4 personalized tour opportunities ranging from 2 hours to a full day. We provide you with the following

  1. Refreshments available
  2. Photo Opportunities
  3. Pick up and drop off
  4. Emergency Medical if required