The beauty and simplicity of running as a natural and universal human activity is what run coaching should be about.  If there’s an issue related even remotely to the art and science of running then you are in the right place for guidance, answers and inspiration. As a clinic, we provide two main streams of support to you, the runner:

For many of our athletes, elite and recreational alike, THIS is where “transformation” starts!  I personally introduce you to correct running form based on actual anatomical science.  This includes your choice of running programs ranging from recreational “learn to run” all the way to performance “ultra marathon” preparation.

Video Running Form Analysis, private running coaching sessions and personal event planning provide an effective approach for every runner.

Injuries unfortunately play an unwelcome role in the journey of most runners. This is not inevitable, but when problems occur they require appropriate, acute and rehabilitative attention. As a “super specialist” member of the national running organization called “The Running Clinic”, Dr. Stefani draws from a unique combination of both personal and clinical knowledge supported by the most current recovery processes in running medicine and research.