The term “orthotics” generally refers to any device (mainly under the feet) that externally supports and aligns a lower limb during weight-bearing and motion. Professionally prescribed and designed, custom-made orthotic devices can address specific musculoskeletal conditions and imbalances. These precision medical devices are often a key to symptom relief, tissue repair, and functional restoration

Almost everyone can benefit from orthotic therapy. We design your Premium carbon fiber custom orthotics to counteract abnormal foot mechanics including flat feet (over pronation) and high, rigid arches (over supination). These bio-mechanical deficiencies are among many that put your body out of alignment and may cause strain and injury to muscles, tendons, and joints. If unaddressed, changes can become chronic and may lead to permanent degeneration.

Custom orthotic therapy can benefit children, seniors, and all ages in between. With over two decades of training and experience in designing custom orthotics, we are able to service all your needs whether you are a recreational walker or a high-performance elite athlete.

Yes, our Premium carbon fiber custom orthotics can have a huge effect on running comfort and performance. Since teaching athletes correct running form is a cornerstone of our clinical practice, assisting in optimal foot mechanics plays an important role as well.  Often our athletes will progress to running without orthotics once the foot and its biomechanics has been optimized.

The main goal with orthotic therapy when related to running is to create a healthy foot in all non-running (walking and standing) activities. This can enable the feet to perform well during actual running. Depending on the athlete’s type of feet and treatment plan, custom orthotics may be prescribed differently. They are most commonly worn for all activities, but not for running. They may, however, sometimes be prescribed for all activities including running. The least frequent prescription is that of orthotic therapy just worn for the running.

Finding the right fit for each athlete is critical for daily comfort and successful athletic performance. This is best done when combined with strong educational support around running and specific running rehabilitation. Often pre-adults engaged in high intensity running during track and field, cross country running, soccer, lacrosse, and basketball require temporary orthotic support for a certain period of growth. This may enable their continued high level participation while overcoming injury or assimilating physical strength and resilience. We provide specialized custom orthotic devices to match the sporting need and foot wear.

Many common structural problems in the body may respond positively to custom orthotic therapy. Since the feet provide the main base of support to the entire body, making sure they function well is essential for overall good health.

The first step toward successful functional restoration is a thorough client history-taking followed by a comprehensive physical examination. The exam includes a postural assessment, a biomechanical video gait analysis, and an in-depth investigation of all the related bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Once activity/sport history, examination results, and gait analysis data are compiled, an appropriate course of treatment will be suggested.

If custom orthotics are deemed an effective therapeutic option, then a customized, semi weight-bearing impression is made of both feet. Measurements are taken and further gait analysis is done. A unique orthotic design is created for each patient based on their personal activity needs and footwear requirements. Open communication throughout this process ensures a great product and client satisfaction.

The completed package is delivered to our Kintec fabrication facility where the orthotic devices are engineered to exact specifications combining current digital technology, the most advanced materials and experienced, hands-on craftsmanship.

The patient receives their personalized custom orthotics during a follow-up fitting, which covers orthotic care and wearing instructions.

Orthotics can enhance structural balance, optimize movement, and reduce pain and discomfort. Although these results may take several weeks, most clients experience comfort and relief soon after initial use. This is partly due to a feature called “material memory”.

Material memory refers to the orthotic’s capacity to hold its corrective shape while at the same time flexing with the foot’s mobility. Since the foot is a dynamic interaction of 25 bones and 33 joints flexibility is vital. Most clients find that their orthotics maintain the material memory effectively for at least two years of daily, active use.

Talk to us at Island Running Doc to find out how you can benefit from our custom orthotic program and experience the joys of healthy feet at home, at work, and in sports. Custom orthotic therapy is covered by most extended insurance providers.

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